• @sitattooist

    iNumb is the best numbing product I've used, both the cream and spray are incredible! The cream last HOURS and most clients have a pain free experience and the spray is a lifesaver for all those clients struggling with longer sessions, iNumb spray numbs extremely quickly!
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  • @dannyscotttattoo

    As an artist I swear by the iNumb sprays to get my clients through those longer sessions. It also helps me saturate the skin whilst soothing the area and reducing the redness. My clients are also a massive fan of the numbing cream to which I am yet to use myself but I will be doing very soon.
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  • @thehandofgord

    I've been using iNumb now for almost 12 months, It's my go to every day and my clients have the biggest smiles on there faces when I pull the iNUMB spray out during the session.
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  • @eddyblxcktattoo

    iNumb is literally a miracle in a bottle. I have used both the sprays and the creams on clients. Unlike other creams, iNumb is much kinder to the skin and from an artist point of view, so much easier to tattoo with.
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